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NON PARLI ITALIANO? Soon you will.

How does ItalianEncounter it work?


You just need a Skype ID, a mic and you are all set to learn from the comfort of your home.


Are you learning Italian for fun? Are you travelling to Italy soon? Just let us know what your goal is and we wil create a personalized learning plan.


Need extra help? Stuck in an Italian grammar exercise? You can reach us via e-mail anytime. Also by mobile chat if needed!


We are all busy, so don’t worry. We will set a schedule that is convienient for both of us.

Interested in experiencing Italy over Skype? Contact us.

Our sKYPE courses

Designed for you.
What's your main goal?

Depending on your goals, we offer a variety of distance online courses over Skype. However, there is one thing that we care the most about, and that is COMMUNICATION. From day 1, we will get you to speak Italian, at your own pace.

Da zero a…italiano!

Our most popular course. Designed for absolute beginners, this course will take you from zero to a Pre-Intermediate level, depending on your time and commitment.

Italiano accademico

Studying Italian at university or high school level?Our native Italian linguists will help you understand and write better in Italian. Pass your Italian exams with the best grades!

Italiano in viaggio

Planning a trip to beautiful Italy? We’ve got you covered with our Italiano in Viaggio course! Learn your survival Italian to be able to speak to locals and get around while in Italy.


Interested? The first lesson is on us.